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Imagine Your Own World!

with as much detail as you can when you read or listen to a story

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Have Fun Drawing

what you like best in each story and create a nice notebook with your drawings. Then place it in front of a window because I am coming to look at them when nobody is around!

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Here's My Secret to Being Strong!

I eat a bit of everything, even if sometimes I don't like the taste at first, and especially fruits and vegetables!

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Look into the eyes of a young child and see the sparkle and wonder. Develop these passions and watch the adult bloom into someone special. At Littledino Center, we work every day to build the foundations for amazing futures.

What We Offer

The LittleDino’s mission is to provide affordable, high-quality early education and childcare services for working families to ensure every child.


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Proud to Live Your Truth

All of us are unique. Whether you are spiritual or not, most of us would agree that we weren’t made to fit inboxes. All of your quirks, talents, deficits, influences, mannerisms, and interests are some of the characteristics that make up who you are. Your children are persons with their own characteristics who deserve to shine as brightly as anyone else.


In a world of filters or unrealistic projections of how we should be, you can teach your children the life lesson that they should live their truth. This is one of the most important life lessons that you can teach your kids while they’re young. They are perfect and whole just the way they are, and in order for them to be truly happy in life, they need to know that they shouldn’t hide who they really are.

  • To Grow by Accepting Their Own Unique Individuality
  • To Accept Others As They Are

Self Care is Important

If you want your child to be happy, stay healthy, and have meaningful relationships with others when they grow into an adult, they should practice self-care from a young age.


We know to take care of our physical health we need to exercise, drink water, and eat healthily. Yet with the focus of health now shifting to include the importance of mental health as well, teaching your children that taking care of themselves mentally and emotionally is extremely imperative as well.


Practicing self-care as a parent is the easiest way of influencing this habit onto your children. It’s teaching them how they feel on the inside matters just as much as what is on the outside. It also teaches that it’s okay for them to have low or imperfect days, but what matters most is what they do to make themselves feel better.

  • A Good Self Esteem
  • To Be Good About Oneself

It’s the Experience that Counts, Not the Results

If you were to add up all the mistakes you’ve made in the past, including being able to undo moments you could have behaved differently, wouldn’t you feel overwhelmed and filled with regret? If you were to list all of your achievements or moments in life that made you proud, wouldn’t that reflection make you feel motivated and confident?


A life lesson parents can teach their children from a young age is the importance of mindset and perspective. Considering how much progress they make throughout their journey (life), rather than every teeny tiny mistake, is much more satisfying.


Reminding your children that every mistake is a drop in a bucket compared to what they could accomplish with the rest of their life is a powerful encouragement.

  • To Developp a Proper Mindset
  • Always Point Out the Positives of a Life Experience
  • Developing Self-confidence

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2 Hour Entertainment

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Look into the eyes of a young child and see the sparkle and wonder. Develop these passions and watch the adult bloom into someone special.

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